Name of the Project : Al-Udeid Project -Package 4 Addendum No 3,(Z105-05C)
Client : M/s. Qatar Armed Forces, Qatar
Scope of Work : 

All MEP Works including the Design, Construction, Completion and Maintenance of the CENTCOM Forward Headquarters (CFH) and Supporting Facilities and related Infrastructure Work for Al-Udeid Project - Package 4 Addendum No.3 (Z-105-05C). In brief, Installation of HVAC System (Chilled water pipes, HVAC Ducts & Fittings, FDs & VCDs, Valves & Accs. Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, Grilles & Diffusers and Control Room etc.) Plumbing works such as Sprinkler System, Water Tank & Water Network Pipe Connections &
Valves, Water Heaters, Sanitary Fixtures, Installation of pumps & fittings, Fire fighting system, Drainage Pipes & Fittings;Electrial Conduits for ELV System, Installation of cable Trays & Accs., Cabling & Wiring for Lighting System, Installation of DB's & SMDB's, MEP works inside Substations and HV&MV Cabling works.


Start Date :

End Date : 31-Aug-2009