Name of the Project :

11 KV Infrastructure Power Contract No. 04468810-6-K5207B Al-Udeid Airbase,

Qatar Electrical Package Al-Udeid

Client : M/s. Qatar Armed Forces, Qatar
Scope of Work : 

Works include erection of Steel single & double poles with pole arm and pin type insulators after assembling them on the ground; Tensioning of bare copper conductors on the erected poles; Installation of ground operated Line Isolation Switches on double poles; Termination of 11 KV cables to Line Isolation Switches; Direct burial of 11 KV cables in ground; Assembly and erection of 11KV Switch Gear in various substations; Mounting of 11 KV/415 Volt Transformers of different KVA rating on transformer plinth in substation; Termination of 11 KV cables at HV switch gear & transformer side; 11 KV cable joining etc.


Start Date :

End Date : 31-Aug-2005